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Submitted on Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 - 10:24
Hello Fellow Guitarists!

I wanted to say hello and let you know that I've continued to add more to the Guitar side of Rady Guide. This month I have a great arrangement of Van Zandt's "Nothin" off of his Delta Momma Blues album. This one features a nine bar repeating chord progression based off of a nice and bluesy Am finger-style lick. This song's starkness and otherworldly quality is unmatched by even some of Towne's best work and it's a must have for all die-hard Townes' fans.

Also for you Journeyman (intermediate) Finger-Pickers, I added the classic Simon & Garfunkel tune "Homeward Bound." I kept the classic intro and the most crucial chorus elements as close to the original as I could, but, I did take some liberties with streamlining the finger-style patterns to make this one more palatable for the Jouneyman finger-picker. This is a great one for the campfire or hanging out with friends and family.

Finally, I took a look at Mountain's classic "Mississippi Queen" and created a basic acoustic arrangement of the quintessential rhythm part. This is a great one for practicing your power chords and blues licks at the same time. It's also a shining example of how to turn a blues progression into a kick-ass rock song!

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See ya online!
Jeff Rady