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Submitted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 - 18:28

   He is probably one of the greatest steel players you never heard of. Recently, I did a transcription per request of a Whitey Morgan and the 78's song, "Goin' Down Rocking". Not only did I hear a plethora of scorching licks that harkened back to Mooney and the Bakersfield sound, but I heard a long solo break over two chords that was packed with original licks that flowed seamlessly together.

   This is a great one for combining Major and Minor Petatonic licks, transitioning between scale positions, pick blocking, and creating some kooky chromatic chordal licks, all at a very quick tempo!

   Another recent tutorial to check out if you are looking for some more practice over the aforementioned skills, is the Waylon Jenning's classic, "Lonesome On'ry and Mean". In the tutorial I go over all of Ralph Mooney's licks in the 2nd chorus, breaking them down and explaining how they work over each chord. This is some great foundational work for "Goin' Down Rocking".

   I hope everyone has a great holiday and hopefully gets some good quality time in with your ever loving companion, the Pedal Steel. Stay warm and don't forget to turn off your amp at night! Ha!


Jeff Rady