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Submitted on Monday, December 28th, 2015 - 19:31

As always I'm trying to keep content fresh and exciting not only for you but for myself. I took it upon myself to take a good hard look at "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down" by the Band to see if I could create a solid guitar arrangement. I watched videos of other people doing it on YouTube in the Key of C and thought that it didn't translate so well. The problem I ran into is that the key of C seemed to be better for the piano and Levon Helm's voice but not so good as far as translating some of the piano licks as well as the cool guitar licks in the chorus to the guitar. So I listened to the song closely and heard that Robbie Robertson seemed to be capoing up on the fifth fret and playing as though he was in the key of G, (therefore remaining in the key of C). This seemed to unlock the arrangement and make both the guitar licks and the piano licks compatible for a solo guitar/voice arrangement. It seemed to make singing and playing this song much easier and more fun. Give it a try, it's in the Trailblazer section.

Next, I had some requests for Townes Van Zandt's epic and ever morose song, "Marie". I scoured some of Townes' versions, but found that the guitar was either too buried by other instruments or his playing was a little off on the live recordings I had found. I looked to Steve Earle's version and found that he had a super blues-y, yet authentically Townes-esque interpretation of the song. That's the one posted up in the Fingerstyle section now! See what you think!

Finally, after having a very strange show opening up for a semi-obscure artist named A.A Bondy this summer, I quickly became a fan, and decided to do a finger-style arrangement of his song, "Mightiest of Guns”. Before the show my friend, Patrick Dethlefs, and I had dinner with A.A., and found that his unusual and somewhat existentialist outlook in his songs was ever present even in the smallest tidbits of conversation we shared over corn dogs and PBR. If you like Mississippi John Hurt, Elizabeth Cotten, and the Delta Blues with a sprinkling of Cormac Macarthy you'll love A.A Bondy!!! Find it in the Fingerstyle section now!

Happy Holidays music lovers! I always look forward to your requests for songs or lessons you are interested in learning. Send me a message via the contact form on the website!