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Ralph Mooney - Swinging Doors Intro And Solo Redux

elbarber2001 on 2018-06-25
Randy, You meeting your left knee left, I would assume raising the Es. Good lesson, but remember all guitars are not equal. May be better to tell what the pedal does, especially for beginners and intermediate. Thank you
Jeff Rady on 2018-06-25
Hi El Barber, I'm actually lowering my E's with my LKR. Sorry for the confusion. You make a good point, I'll try to be better about explaining the functions of the change. Thanks, J.R
lwayte on 2018-07-16
Seems easier to me to just use the RKL - left to make those 1/2 step bends to the flat 7. Pulling the string is pretty cool, but since there's a knee lever (at least on my setup) that does that, why not use it?