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Ralph Mooney - Crazy Arms (entire Instrumental)

lwayte on 2018-02-12
This is great! What a satisfying and interesting way to learn new licks and techniques, and also the styles of the great players. I'm looking forward to learning more "Mooneyisms" and then moving on from there. I did find a couple typos in the tab: I think in the first measure of Verse 3 the grips should be 568, not 458, and the B pedal in the first beat of that measure is also missing. Thanks for sharing all this work you've done and with such a relaxed style and good sense of humor. I'm impressed.
Jeff Rady on 2018-02-19
Thanks for the feedback, glad you are getting some value out of this lesson, good catch on the tab too! I included a revised tab with those changes, thanks for the heads up!