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The Rady Trail
for Guitar:

If you are a total beginner or an intermediate strummer, or someone who can strum and play some leads, the lessons and songs below have something for you all. Start your journey on the designation that defines your skill level Greenhorn (beginner), Journeyman (intermediate), or Trailblazer (Advanced). These lessons and songs are designed to move you towards the more advanced styles. Both Songs and Lessons sections are to be used together in order to build your skills faster!


Songs are organized by difficulty according to Greenhorn (Beginner), Journeyman (Intermediate), and Trailblazer (Expert). All songs have coinciding chord charts, tabs, and videos.

Free Greenhorn (Beginner) Jouneyman (Intermediate) Trailblazer (Advanced)

Video Lessons

Each difficulty level has video lessons and tabs to help you succeed on your journey!

Free Greenhorn (Beginner) Journeyman (Intermediate) Trailblazer (Advanced)

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