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The Rady Trail
for Pedal Steel:

If you just a bought a pedal steel and are totally new to the instrument or you already know some hot licks and multiple chords, or maybe you are someone who can already backup a singer and play some leads, the lessons and songs below have something for you all. Start your journey on the designation that defines your skill level Greenhorn (Beginner), Journeyman (Intermediate), or Trailblazer (Advanced). These Intros/Licks/Solos and Lessons are designed to move you towards the more advanced styles of the "Favorite Artists" section. Both the Intros/Licks/Solos and Lessons sections are to be used together in order to build your skills faster!


All intros/licks/solos have video lessons on how to play them as well.

Free Greenhorn (Beginner) Jouneyman (Intermediate) Trailblazer (Advanced)


All lessons have accompanying videos, and supplementary tabs to help you.

Free Greenhorn (Beginner) Journeyman (Intermediate) Trailblazer (Advanced)

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